RFID Traffic Management

A complete state of the art solution that utilizes the RFID technology, OCR technology and high level software and database development to deliver a complete traffic management solution.

About RFID Traffic Management


Merging tools, technology and software is an art form, and this is what Go+ has mastered in providing Traffic Management Solutions for the public through relevant authorities. This includes installing RFID tags, ANPR cameras and software that merges the entire necessary infrastructure in a simple and secure system. Alongside software and RFID technology, driver and vehicle assessment spaces are provided to complete a full cycle of road transport services. We provide a wide array of products & services that diminishes waste on numerous fronts.

cutting edge technologies


ANPR technology is used in the solution to detect and read car plate numbers.This technology apply highly sophisticated OCR to support multiple type of languages. ANPR is a core technology used in Go Plus solution.


RFID is the core technology in the solution. To leverage this we apply RFID tags with Gen 2 V2 standard for maximum security On the other hand, RFID sensors are installed to detect the tag and hence the vehicles. This ensure maximum flexibility.

Data Encryption and Security

Comes in the solution a complete encryption system that ensures data security and integrity. We employ various techniques and configurations to ensure maximum flexibility to meet our clients needs.


Our RFID traffic solution allows RFID detection and reading using mobile devices for the traffic authorities. This allows for check points to check for car details and do checks on parked vehicles The mobility allows maximum flexibility.

Integrated Wallet System

The solution comes with a user account and wallet system that facilitate payments required. Users can charge their wallet using various means of payment. The wallet will is delivered on Mobile Apps for users so they can keep track of their funds and payments.

Complete Software Solution

Our in house developed software solution brings all the elements of the system together to deliver an integrated platform. Reporting, Statistics, wallets and system management are some of the features of the integrated software platform.

Success Story

Egypt MOI Adopts Go+ RFID
Traffic Management Solution

Feb 2018 - Go Plus has been awarded governmental contract by Egypt's MOI to introduce, develop and deploy a nation wide RFID traffic management Solution for 10 millions vehicles in Egypt.

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