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Case Study of Egypt’s Ministry of Interior Road Transport RFID Tag
Egypt RFID Traffic Managment Solution

GO+ has created an all-inclusive service in order to develop a digitalized system for all motor vehicles on Egyptian roads.

This has been done by establishing and RFID tag system for all vehicles that has been up and running to identify all vehicles and give them the digital identity they need. With this system in place, software provided by GO+ has allowed authorities to supervise and create an easier process for managing street vehicles for the entire country. Registering vehicles, renewing licenses, toll payments or any other type of service needed for vehicles is established under the conjoined initiative by the MOI and Go+. The infrastructure installation for this nation-wide overhaul is underway, as vehicles have been RFID tagged and ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras installed far and wide to revolutionize the existing traffic system.

This system created a blend of easy and simple record keeping on all fronts of traffic related elements in the MOI. By installing these tags in strategic zones, traffic stress points can be alleviated from numerous areas such as toll stations as well as removing the resources needed for mobile checkpoints giving opportunities for law enforcement to utilize time elsewhere. The system set in place goes hand in hand with the necessary trained employees in the MOI also allowed for a smooth transition into the progression of better road transport capabilities. The RFID tag is becoming the future of Egypt’s trend of progress and development. With the overhaul of the transport system, it has allowed the door for more developments and the maximizing of time and waste reduction to give the public the service and safety it deserves.

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