GO PLUS is a unique, innovative
and agile technology integrator

Go+ is a pioneer in technological integration, for a smarter future, today. We are an all-inclusive system and infrastructure developer to provide tailor-made solutions to help develop effective organization for all our partners. Go+ believes in aligning technology with the needs of every day.

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Go+ is the go to entity to help transform your enterprise with is revolutionary services. We provide quality solutions to encompass hardware and software needs for numerous applications. GO+ can help you develop the efficient system you need to capitalize on your time and money.

RFID Solutions

A portable data solution for every physical component globally, allowing for the harmonizing of physical elements with digital platforms.

Vehicle Inspection Services

State of the art Vehicle Inspection Services are developed under GO+ to systematically inspect and register vehicles through a structured and automated system.

Driver Learning Centers Services

Great roads, vehicles and drivers are the three main elements that create the platform for safe and efficient transportation.

Enterprise Software Solutions

We cater and design software solutions for any system to be developed in an entity or an enterprise to manage all aspects of their business or institution.

NFC Solutions

Near Field Communication is an established communication system adopted in many platforms for various applications such as payment and access control.

Payment systems

Software for payment has become an integral part of entities in order to keep information in-house, safe and accessible to all relevant individuals.

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About Us

We are energetic,
smart and passionate

The ultimate software & technology haven providing catered systems for all platforms and sectors.
We provide a wide array of products & services that diminishes waste on numerous fronts.

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Success Stories


Calming the Chaos

Case Study of Egypt’s Ministry of Interior Road Transport RFID Tag

Egypt has progressed in the future with its recent developments and GO+ has participated in this growth by currently providing a structured system for the 10 million motor vehicles in Egypt as a part of the Ministry of Interior.

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Changing Culture

Aligning Egypt’s Digital Developments and Infrastructure for Better Road Transport

The development of digital infrastructure needed to be complimented with the necessary tools, spaces and trained individuals, to align all aspects of traffic.

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